Bog’s / Vernours Mill

A waulk mill was on this site from 1598; but by 1717 paper was being produced at the mill. In 1816 Bog’s mill was converted to a snuff, grain and spice mill, it continued production until 1924 when the mill burned to the ground.There is now a private house on the site of this mill.

Papermaking-on-water-of-leith/Map.jpg James Inglis & Co Canonmills Dalry Mill Lumsdaines / Jinkabout Mill Bog’s / Vernours Mill Waulk Mill of Colinton / Kate’s Mill Redhall Mill Kirkland Mill West Mill Mossy Mill / Wester Waulk Mill Upper Spylaw Mill Woodhall Mill Kinleith Mill / Henry Bruce & Sons Balerno Papermill / Kinauld Leatherworks Byrnie Mill Balerno Bank Mill / John Galloway & Co Ltd Townhead Mill

1.James Inglis & Co 9.West Mill
2.Canonmills 10.Mossy Mill / Wester Waulk Mill
3.Dalry Mill 11.Upper Spylaw Mill
4.Lumsdaines / Jinkabout Mill 12.Woodhall Mill
5.Bog’s / Vernours Mill 13.Kinleith Mill / Henry Bruce & Sons
6.Waulk Mill of Colinton / Kate’s Mill 14.Balerno Papermill / Kinauld Leatherworks
7.Redhall Mill 15.Byrnie Mill
8.Kirkland Mill 16.Balerno Bank Mill / John Galloway & Co Ltd
  17. Townhead Mill

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