Dalry Mill

The first papermill in Scotland was started in 1590 at Dalry and in 1594 it was given an 11 year lease to produce paper. There are no further records of the mill until 1675 when Alex Daes took over producing paper on the site.The mill is now part of Roseburn House.

Papermaking-on-water-of-leith/Map.jpg James Inglis & Co Canonmills Dalry Mill Lumsdaines / Jinkabout Mill Bog’s / Vernours Mill Waulk Mill of Colinton / Kate’s Mill Redhall Mill Kirkland Mill West Mill Mossy Mill / Wester Waulk Mill Upper Spylaw Mill Woodhall Mill Kinleith Mill / Henry Bruce & Sons Balerno Papermill / Kinauld Leatherworks Byrnie Mill Balerno Bank Mill / John Galloway & Co Ltd Townhead Mill

1.James Inglis & Co 9.West Mill
2.Canonmills 10.Mossy Mill / Wester Waulk Mill
3.Dalry Mill 11.Upper Spylaw Mill
4.Lumsdaines / Jinkabout Mill 12.Woodhall Mill
5.Bog’s / Vernours Mill 13.Kinleith Mill / Henry Bruce & Sons
6.Waulk Mill of Colinton / Kate’s Mill 14.Balerno Papermill / Kinauld Leatherworks
7.Redhall Mill 15.Byrnie Mill
8.Kirkland Mill 16.Balerno Bank Mill / John Galloway & Co Ltd
  17. Townhead Mill

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