Gilbert Carson

Personal Details
Gender: Male
Town / City: Wanganui
Province: Wellington
Date of Birth: 1842
Place of Birth:  Aboard ship to New Zealand

Business Details
Name 1: Wanganui Chronicle
Address 1: Ridgeway Street, Wanganui, New Zealand
Details 1: The 'Wanganui Chronicle' suffered a heavy loss due to a fire on 27 November 1888. 5 buildings, including the printing machinery was largely destroyed and there was a dispute with their insurance company over the pay out of £670. Carson went to Melbourne in January 1889 to purchase equipment for a new plant.
Primary Occupation: Newspaper Proprietor
Secondary Occupation(s): Flaxmill Contractor
Other Occupations:

Cyclopaedia, Wellington, Vol.1, pp 1359-60; Typo, Vol.2, 29 December 1888, pp.109 and 115; 26 January 1889, Vol.3, p.2

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