James Stewart Algie

Personal Details
Gender: Male
Town / City: Dunedin, Balclutha
Province: Otago
Date of Birth: 1863
Place of Birth:  Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Date of Death: 1931
Place of Death: New Zealand

Business Details
Name 1: Musical Monthly
Address 1: Dunedin, New Zealand
Details 1: At the first date of publication was the only musical periodical in the colony. In 1888 consisted of 12 pages, with a good engraved heading, good typography, high quality of lithographic printing. Typo recommended discontinuing the machine sewing through the side of the periodical, as this spoils the binding. Discontinued in 1891.
Dates 1: 1887-91
Name 2:  Clutha Free Press
Address 2: Clutha
Details 2: The first edition of the 'Clutha Free Press' contained 8 pages; Typo noted that the press work was unacceptable. D.G. Algie edited and J.S. Algie printed. Weekly paper initially, then bi-weekly, the first in district.
Dates 2: 1891-1926
Primary Occupation: Printer
Secondary Occupation(s): Newspaper Proprietor,Compositor,Chemist, Flaxmill Contractor, Farmer
Other Occupations:

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