Typographical Journals

Typographical journals were key sources of information for many print trade union members throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. News, commentary, fiction, poetry, jobs listings and details about union member activities were common features of such journals, as can be seen from this example, the first issue of the Leeds Typographical Circular from May 1888.

International Typographical Journals

Dr Sydney Shep of Victoria University Wellington is undertaking a parallel, funded study of the role of international typographical journals in printing communication networks and information flows throughout the English speaking world in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A work-in-progress paper on the subject presented in 2009 can be found here.

Scottish Typographical Circular

The Scottish Typographical Circular (STC) was the official journal of the Scottish Typographical Association, published monthly between 1857 and 1909. SAPPHIRE is sponsoring a location register for holdings of the STC, along with a search for missing issues, with a view to future digitisation of the publication as a valuable resource of social and trade union history.

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